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Do we operate to current Covid-19 guidelines?

Most definitely, in fact where possible we try to exceed the requirements. Your safety is as important to us as is our own. Please see further details below. 


What facilities?

As members of Deer Park Archers (Shurdington, Cheltenham) we are fortunate to have access to a target range, covered shooting area and indoor range. 


Beginners/Taster FAQ's


Are there going to be lots of people standing around waiting for their turn?

Having been a provider for a number of years we have recognised that this could be an issue. We provide more than enough coaches for a group and a format which will ensure people are actively engaged. As we have done a lot of work in schools it is absolutely essential that the pupils are not left to stand around, we have developed a system which will ensure minimal non shooting time.


I haven't done any physical activity for sometime will I be able to take part?

Yes, we supply very low poundage equipment which we can match to individual requirements.


What if it's raining?

We would advise organisers to ensure that participants bring appropriate clothing and foot ware. Unless it is thunder and lightning we would normally continue with the activity.


When I did it before I caught my arm, will this happen again?

In 90% of the cases this suggests you have been poorly taught, in which case we can help you avoid this. In 10% it maybe a physical characteristic we will provide the appropriate protection.


Last time I did it I couldn't hit the target, will I be demoralised again?

Appropriate coaching will ensure that you hit the target, we are equipped to support you having a successful session.


Intermediate and Experienced Archers FAQ's


What bow types do you support?

We have had success coaching all bow types, particularly compound. 


What is your coaching style?

Friendly, enthusiastic and empowering the archer to reach their full potential and be able to contribute towards their own development. 




The facilities and practice session arrangements have been configured to comply with all relevant guidelines in operation at that time. We ask everyone to support us in our aim to provide an accessible safe environment and provide the best experience we can, given the circumstances.


Currently all sessions will be OUTSIDE – please dress appropriately for the weather conditions.  (There is a covered shooting area with lights, flood lighting and heaters that we can shoot from).  


There will be 1 coach to a group of 5 archers (to meet the no more than 6 people per group Government requirement)


2m distancing must be maintained – if a coach needs to be closer they will wear a mask. 


No sharing of targets, except for family/household units


Please bring your own hand sanitizer – this must be used at the very least at the start and end of the session.


No sharing of equipment during the session.         


Bows, arrows etc will be cleaned prior to and at the end of each session 


All those attending MUST complete their activity in their designated area and then IMMEDIATELY leave the premises. Social gatherings are NOT permitted.


Deer Park Archers will not be responsible for any non-observance of the guidelines it has specified. Everyone is responsible for ensuring they observe all the COVID-19 regulations in operation at the time of their visit.



Participants will need to bring their own sanitiser materials and PPE as required.


If you require use of a chair please bring your own.


On arrival please look for relevant signage giving further instructions on entrances and exits.


Spectators - in line with Archery GB rules, spectators are actively discouraged with the exception of carers and guardians 


Arrival and departure times - Please DO NOT arrive more than 5 minutes before your allotted time, and that you leave promptly.


We ask that toilets only be used in an emergency (but you will be responsible for making sure you clean them before and after use). 


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